An Upcoming Anniversary

We are nearing the 10th Anniversary of that tragic day in 2001 when the world at large, and the crisis management, business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency management industries would be forever changed.

I lived and worked in the shadows of the World Trade Center on that day and became very much involved in assisting a number of companies respond to and recover from that event.  As a result, I contributed to and was featured in a number of articles and presentations to discuss challenges faced and lessons learned from this crisis.

Below are some surviving links to articles and stories from that time.  There were many more but I could not find links to them.

I have recently been approached to take a look back on that tragic time in our history and explore whether or not the lessons learned are still applicable in today’s world and/or are companies in a better position today to respond to a similar event than we were back in 2001.

Continuity Insights Magazine will soon publish an article I wrote on this topic and I will be participating in a teleconference event sponsored by the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section (TIPS) of the American Bar Association on September 16.

Going back and revisiting the events of 9/11 is both emotionally stressful and professionally concerning, but something I think worthwhile doing to ensure, indeed, that the lessons learned then are not forgotten.

Thank you for your input.