The Business Continuity Center of Seattle

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the Business Continuity Center of Seattle and was given a private tour by the folks who run the place.

I found this to be a very impressive facility and was surprised to find this diamond in the rough here in Seattle.  Their business model includes sharing these facilities with Computer Classrooms in Seattle under the parent company, Allied Business Systems.

On the surface, the Business Continuity Center of Seattle offers everything you would need in a workarea recovery facility.  I did not have the opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty underbelly of their offerings and infrastructure, but I saw enough to know that if you are considering a workarea recovery facility in the Pacific Northwest area, the Business Continuity Center of Seattle offers one solution you should include in your vendor analysis.

My only suggestion to the men who I met with was they may want to consider a more aggressive marketing strategy as I was not aware of their existence right here in my own backyard.  They are a relatively new player in this arena and I am sure will become more known as the word gets out.

I thank Bob Posey and Tom from taking time out from their busy day to show me around and discuss their offerings with me.  Hopefully, I will be back soon with some prospects to evaluate their services in greater detail.

Thank you for your input.