Business Continuity Self Help Websites

If you don’t think business continuity and emergency preparedness planning have become mainstream topics in corporate America these days, you just are not paying attention.  Years ago, in social settings, when asked what I do for a living, I simply answered, “I’m a management consultant.”  If asked what kind of management consulting in particular I would just say, “Technology related”, because it was too hard to explain business continuity or disaster recovery to the uninformed in a social setting.  Nowadays, I see billboards while driving down the road promoting emergency planning and disaster recovery.  I hear commercials on the radio and even television commercials promoting companies that perform roles in the field.  And, try doing an Internet search – pages upon pages of information pop up.  Now, when in a social setting, if I say I am a management consultant specializing in crisis management and business continuity planning, not only do people know what I am talking about, but most of them have some firsthand experience with these types of programs and issues.

This is both good news and bad news for me.  Good, in that people can relate to what I do and understand the need for my services – Bad, in that people are getting educated on the planning process and there is much more competition in my field of expertise.

Even so, I would have to say the good outweighs the bad.

And, even though it might not be good business practice to point folks to tools that can help them prepare without the consulting services of a firm like Safe Harbor Consulting, I just have to let you know that there are some terrific websites out there that can help the small to medium business owner develop their own plans.  One, for example, is the Ready Business website sponsored by FEMA.  Take a look at this site – it might give you some good ideas on what to include in your programs.

No need to thank me – just when you complete your plans and want some help on how to test and exercise them, give us a call, perhaps we can help with that.

Thank you for your input.