A Business Continuity Football Analogy

Football season is just around the corner – and, I love football season.  So, in keeping with the season, I thought I would use a little football analogy for today’s blog.

Imagine you are the head coach for a football team.  You work long and hard in putting together a playbook with complicated blocking schemes, stunts, trick plays, disguised coverages, blitzes, audibles, etc.

Now imagine that you put the playbook on the shelf just waiting for a game to begin.

You wouldn’t do that, would you?  No.  You would give it to your players and expect them to study it in great detail, memorizing their assignments and what is expected of those around them.  You would practice the plays, looking to improve performance and perfect each and every play so that when game time comes, you are prepared.

Now imagine you are the manager of a crisis management program.  Yeah, I think you get the point.

Yet, many organizations do exactly that.  They invest time and money in putting together quite sophisticated emergency response, business continuity and disaster recovery plans but do not distribute them to the “players” to study and memorize, do not routinely practice them under varying downs and distances, and just sit back waiting for the whistle that begins the game.  And, remarkably, wonder why things did not go well when a disaster occurs.

So, my recommendation is, wipe the dust off your playbook, distribute it widely and get down to some serious practicing – maybe not two-a-days, but more than once-a-years – or, prepare yourself for a losing season.

Thank you for your input.