Hurricane Irene

Her she comes, ready or not.  As Hurricane Irene treks up the East Coast of the United States, individual home owners and businesses brace for her impact.

By now, you should know if you lie in her projected path and you should have prepared best you can.  The video clip in this article tells and interesting story about the potential impact Irene could have on NYC.  It shouldn’t surprise most people that the real damage is mostly likely caused by the flooding and water surge that accompanied a hurricane.  The video clip states that New York City has 17 low lying flood zones.  I wonder how many places of business fall in the footprint of these zones?

Then, of course, there are the residual effects.  If the NYC subway system is shut down, how does this impact your employees’ ability to get to work?  Do they have work from home capabilities?  What about your customers – if you depend on their presence at your place of business?

I, along with many of you, will be watching intently the next few days.  For me – I will be watching from afar.  If you are in an evacuation area or near the projected path of Irene, I wish you well.

Please feel free to post comments to this blog with any lessons learned or other stories about how Hurricane Irene impacted you, your home or your place of business.  I would love to learn from you.

Good Luck.

Thank you for your input.