Having spent some time visiting my brother and his family this past weekend, we finally got to talking about how our individual specialties have real synergistic potential to help advance and improve our own fields of expertise.  My brother, Dr. John Flach, is the Professor and Chair of Psychology at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.  John (I don’t have to call him, Dr. Flach) specializes in Human Factors Engineering and has been spending a lot of time studying human factors at time of crisis.

John put me on to this Calamityville project at Wright State which sounds rather interesting.  I get all goose-bumpy thinking about how this could be applied to a number of emergency response practices and organizations.  Interesting stuff I thought you might like to check out.

We then spent a few hours watching a near-disaster take place as my alma mater, the Ohio State University, nearly lost a football game to the University of Toledo – but, that is another story for a different kind of blog.

Check out the Calamityville website and let me know what you think.  Does this sound like something that will work and have potential to give us greater insight in crisis response techniques and practices?  Your comments are welcomed – just don’t tell me you are a Michigan fan!

Thank you for your input.