A Survey: Your Favorite Disaster Movies

Okay, here is another self-serving blog post.  In an attempt to increase the interaction on this blog page, I am going to try to conduct a fun (I hope) little survey.  I can see that this blog page gets a relatively good amount of hits each day, but few (very few, basically almost none) folks are clicking on the “No Comment” button to change it into a “One Comment” or more button.  So – help me out here folks!

So, here goes – the survey question, somewhat related to the topic of the blog, is …


This website includes a long list of what it labels “Disaster Movies” – although I think they really stretch the genre definition.  I looked this list over and saw a few of my all time favorites, although I wouldn’t really have labeled them as disaster movies.  These include:  “The Omega Man”; “A Boy and His Dog”; and, “Independence Day”.  I bet there aren’t too many of you who can say you have seen, “A Boy and His Dog”.

So, what are your favorites?  Please enter your favorite(s) in the reply box at the bottom of this post (or, if the reply box does not appear, click on the “No Comments” button to take you to a page formatted for replies).  Maybe some of these can give me ideas for future facilitated exercises … then again, maybe not.

Thank you for your input.