Business Continuity Plan Check-Up

I went to visit my doctor today for my annual checkup.  Happy to report – everything looks good.

I have been exercising regularly; I have been watching my diet, keeping my weight down; I feel great; No problems – no symptoms of anything being wrong.  No reason to go see a doctor, other than it was time for a checkup.

Same is true for our Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management plans.  Even though we may exercise them regularly; Even though we may keep them up to date and well maintained; Even though they feel good and look good to us – it is a good idea to submit them for a checkup every now and then.

Getting an outside review of our plans and documentation helps ensure we catch those inconsistencies and hidden problems that we ourselves may not be aware of.  Just as certain health risks are not always obvious to the patient; certain shortcomings in our enterprise emergency management programs may not be recognized by those who administer, create and maintain the plans themselves.

I do not refrain from going to the doctors for a checkup simply because I am sure there is nothing wrong; I get a higher level of confidence and reassurance when everything checks out fine.  And, I know some people that realize they are not in the greatest health but put off going to the Doctor until they can “get into a little better shape”.  Bad move. 

Even if you know your program is in great shape – getting that reassurance through an annual or semi-annual “check-up” can help validate this feeling for you.  And, if you know your program has problems, getting an outsider’s help on designing a get-fit regime may not be a bad idea.

Safe Harbor Consulting offers a program review with a guarantee that if we do not find opportunities to improve your program – the check-up is free.  How can you go wrong with that?  If only I could get my doctor to offer such a deal – my visit today, I am glad to say, would have been on the house!

Thank you for your input.