Business Continuity Blogs: No Offense Intended

I am having great fun in challenging myself to come up with nearly daily blogs about business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management and related topics.  This exercise of typing my thoughts and experiences in a form that almost makes sense, I think, helps me identify opportunities to improve my approach to the planning process even if it does not inspire any of my readers.

I have posted many of my blogs and similar thoughts on Linked-In group pages and have, it seems, unintentionally insulted a few practitioners by suggesting there is room for improvement in the standard methodology and tools that many of us use.

I assure you that I, in no way, mean to suggest planners cannot be successful in engaging the methodology as it is today.  There are, without a doubt, many quality business continuity programs and plans in place throughout the world today.  There are many successful, intelligent, professional planners that do a terrific job in guiding their organization and fellow planners through the process without the need to deviate from standard practices and tools.

I simply try to find opportunities where we may improve a process – even one that appears good enough today.  I think, at times, it is engaging and rewarding to try to think outside the box every now and then, even if in doing so, it just makes us realize that inside the box is the best place to be.  I do not mean to offend anyone by doing so.  I do not mean to suggest everyone has it wrong and I am the only one who has this thing figured out.  No, in fact most of my thoughts are really an admission that I do not have this thing figured out and I invite others to discuss the topics to help me understand.

I do not mean to compare myself to historic figures, but history is full of people who did not accept the standard method of thinking – challenged common knowledge and understanding, much to the dismay of other professionals in their field, and helped advance the practices and level of understanding.  Christopher Columbus and Galileo are two that immediately come to mind.  I am sure there are many others who went against common understanding, down the wrong path and were proven to be total fools – and, I may more likely be one of those – but, like I said, at least I am having fun.  Insulting or aggravating others is not my intent.

Thank you for your input.