The North East Snow Storm – 2011

Certainly, snow storms on the North Atlantic Coast are no surprise … but, in October!?!?  I mean, really?  We haven’t even turned the clocks back yet!  Even before the kids go trick or treating?  Madness, absolute madness.

And, of course, snow storms while trees still have leaves on them brings down more branches.  More branches falling take out more power lines.  More power lines out results in more businesses being interrupted.  Snow!  Before the end of October?  Absurd.

I guess it just goes to show, you need to always be prepared.  I am sure most cities had not yet received their supplies of salt/sand or other snow-treating chemicals yet.  Trucks, snow plows and snow blades probably had not been maintenanced or put into service yet.  And, other “winterizing” activities had not yet occurred.  Snow!

People love to talk about how bad the weather is in the Pacific Northwest.  Yes, we may have a lot of rainy and overcast days, but what we didn’t have this year are: floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, draughts or snow storms in October!

It has been a crazy weather year for much of the United States this past year and forecasts suggest much of the same this year.  I can’t wait – (that is in sarcasm font).

Thank you for your input.