World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2012

The World Economic Forum has published its 2012 Global Risks Report and has a terrific website displaying the results.  I recommend you read the entire report, but I simply love the interactive risk map feature the website includes.  For a quick look at this tool, go to page 88 and click on the “Launch Feature” on the right-hand side of the page.

A word of caution to the emergency planner and business continuity professional:  This report reports on global risks with serious world-wide impact; individual companies still need to be worried about those catastrophes like fire, local natural disasters, etc., that could have serious impacts on their firm alone.  I think we sometimes get so caught up on these spectacular risks that we forget about the one-firm-only risks that are far more likely to occur with serious ramifications to our organization.

I think this is a must read for all Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning professionals, if not all CEOs and executives of organizations with a world-wide footprint.

Thank you for your input.