An Open Invitation to Guest Bloggers

Yesterday marked a milestone in our brief existence as Business Continuity bloggers.  Our tracking software indicated that we achieved our first 100+ unique visitors/day to our blog page yesterday with 104 hits!!  On average we get about 20 – 30 visitors each day, but that average has been steadily climbing throughout our existence.  To date, the largest single month has seen 720 unique page visits to our blog page – but this month is already threatening that mark.

We are pleased with this traffic and thank you all for investing your valuable time in checking out the topics, issues and subjects we choose to blog about.

As a result, we think it is now a good time to issue an open invitation to any of you that might wish to post a guest blog article on our site.  Whereas, we love the challenge to come up with fresh and creative blog articles, we also welcome the opportunity to add new voices and flavor to our page.  And, you can be confident that some of your peers and co-planners will actually see your articles … hopefully, at a continued rate of over 100/day.

Please feel free to indicate your interest in being a guest blogger through a comment to this entry or by emailing us at

You can email us with an idea or complete draft article and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We will reserve the right to pick and choose those articles that we deem appropriate for this blog page, but I am confident that we will have lots of flexibility to allow your thoughts to grace and improve our page.

We also continue to have an open invitation for complimentary service providers to include a link to their pages in our “My Links” section of this page.

Thanks for your patronage to our page.  If you were one of the 100+ that visited us yesterday – thanks for coming back.

Enjoy your weekend and think about being a guest blogger – we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your input.