The Recovery Requirements Analysis

I have been in more than a few BIAs or business continuity planning sessions when it is like pulling teeth trying to get business managers to identify the applications and/or other requirements and resources they need to minimally perform their mission critical business processes.

This is especially true when working with financial traders.  First, they under-estimate their need for tools and resources, believing that as long as they have a phone, they can conduct trades.  But then the list of requirements grows and grows.

A typical requirements analysis session with traders might go like this:

ME:  What do you minimally need in an alternate site to conduct your business?

TRADER:  I don’t need anything.  Just give me a phone and I can trade anywhere.

ME:  So, all you need is a phone?  You can trade with just a phone.

TRADER:  That’s right.  Just a phone.  Well, I also need my data feed.  But, just a phone and a data feed.

ME:  Nothing else?

TRADER:  Well, I need a phone, my data feed and the blotter system.  Just a phone, data feed … oh, and I need trade tickets.  Just a phone, my data feed, the blotter system and trade tickets.  That’s all I need.  Oh, and I need my directory of phone numbers… and a recorded phone line.

Does this sound familiar?

Here, check out this link to a secretly videotaped, recovery requirements session I conducted with one business manager:

Recovery Requirements Analysis Video.

Okay, so I am being funny.  But, if you have done this for as long as I have, I am sure you shared in the laugh.  I have used this routine in a few public speaking sessions I have done on business continuity planning.  It is always a good trick for getting my point across and keeping the audience awake.

And maybe, just maybe, I am being a Jerk!

Thank you for your input.