Summer Is Ending – That Must Mean DRJ Fall World

I wish I could tell you that the reason there hasn’t been a blog article here for over a month is that I was vacationing in some exotic location without internet access; or I was deep in remote, third world countries performing humanitarian work for international charities; or that I won the lottery and was out spending my new found fortunes ­ ­­- but, I can’t.

Although the reason that there hasn’t been a blog article here for over a month isn’t exactly a bad reason – in fact, I am happy to say that the primary reason is I have been busy with delivering consulting projects for new clients.

For me, that is a hopeful sign.  This bares hope of a sign that the economy is picking up and companies are now able to support projects, such as business continuity planning, that are often deemed deferrable during down-times.  This bares hope that budgets are starting to allow for monies to invest in consulting assistance for projects, such as disaster recovery planning, where the in-house expertise is lacking.  This bares hope, that Safe Harbor Consulting is gaining a reputation for delivering professional consulting assistance and is making a name for itself in the crisis management and emergency planning arena.

But, I realize, even with all these “good” signs keeping me busy, I still have an obligation – to Safe Harbor Consulting and to those of you who invest time from your busy days to check out this page – to keep the articles and information fresh.  So, now that summer vacations are over – even though I did not take one – and, the kids are back in school, it is time to get some fresh information out on this blog.

The end of Summer Vacations, the start of school, football season kicking off in the United States are all signs of the calendar changing to fall.  And, in our profession that means DRJ Fall World.  I am happy to report that I am typing up this blog page from my hotel room at the San Diego Sheraton Hotel and Resort at DRJ Fall World 2012.  It is Monday afternoon and we are off to a tremendous start.

Yesterday, Sunday, was full of tremendous Workshop Sessions, a welcoming reception and product demonstrations.  Today, Monday, kicked-off with 3 very informative and entertaining General Sessions and the opening of the Exhibit Hall full of vendors and service providers ready and willing to educate you on their products and services designed to assist in the strengthening and expanding of your business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management and emergency response programs.

I have already passed out and collected numerous business cards – the real value-add at these conferences – and have made a number of new acquaintances and new friends … and it IS ONLY MONDAY!!

I am looking forward to the breakout sessions this afternoon and two more action packed days of DRJ Fall World laying in front of me.  This DRJ conference marks the 47th Conference put on by the DRJ and they just keep getting better.  That is mostly because the attendees are getting more experienced and are able to drive the topics discussed to deeper and more complex levels of challenges that we face in this field.

I will – I promise – post a few more blogs during my time here so that you can learn some of the stuff that I learn.  And, if you happen to be here – come up and say, “Hi” – it would be a pleasure to meet you, as well.

But, now – I have those breakout sessions to get to, so, I will see you later.

Thank you for your input.