Week 10 – Pro Football Crisis Management Award Winner

The outcome of a football game is often largely influenced by one, rather simple event.  The difference in a game could be determined by a turnover, a penalty, or coming up just inches short of a first down, or just 4 yards short of a game-tying touchdown.  (NOTE: this is foreshadowing – are you excited?)

In business, the difference between an incident and a disaster can also be influenced by one simple event.  A spilt cup of coffee on your PC; a single server crashing; or, a computer virus could be the cause of huge down-time, lost data and/or financial ruin.  These types of disasters are all preventable by backing up data, having redundant infrastructure and having adequate security controls.  A Risk Analysis and Disaster Prevention plans can help identify and eliminate these risks – if completed before the event occurs.  To make sure an incident is not a disaster for you and your company, call Safe Harbor Consulting to perform a thorough Risk Analysis to identify your potential game-ending flaws and options for eliminating them.

Now, on to Week 10 in the NFL.


Week 10 in the NFL consisted of 14 football games.  Of those 14 games, 8 were won by teams that trailed at one point or another in the game, but only 2 games featured teams coming back from a deficit of more than 7 points.

Of the 6 games in which a team never trailed, 5 of them were won by the visiting team.  Of the 8 games that featured a come-from-behind victory, 6 were won by the home team.  And, just to show that you never know, the two teams that entered Week 10 without a victory, both secured their first wins of the season when the Jacksonville Jaguars up-ended the Tennessee Titans in a game in which they never trailed and, on Monday Night, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came back from a 4 point deficit to beat the Miami Dolphins, 22 – 19.

The winner of the Week 10 Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award was decided on the first game of the week, a Thursday Night contest between the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings.  This marks the second time in three weeks that the Redskins find themselves on the losing side of this award – not good for Washington fans, I am sure.


WAS MINThe Thursday Night NFL Football game in Mall of America Field in Minneapolis featured two struggling teams trying to salvage a, thus far, disappointing 2013 football season.  The Washington Redskins, at 3 – 5, are in the less than impressive NFC East Division, still within striking distance of first place.  At 1 – 7, the Minnesota Vikings are buried in last place of the NFC North already thinking about the 2014 Draft.  But, the Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award is blind to team records – every game has the potential to feature the largest comeback for that week, no matter the situation of the game’s contestants.  Even though this game was a bit of a see-saw affair it did include a come-back mark that could not be bested by any of the Sunday or Monday contests and, at the end, saw the Washington Redskins on the wrong side of this award for the second time in three weeks – a frustrating position to be in, for sure.

Washington started the scoring in the first quarter on a 20 yard Kai Forbath field goal.  But, Minnesota quickly responded with an 18 yard Adrian Petersen touchdown run to go in front, 7 – 3.  Just before the 1st quarter ended, the Redskins found the end zone on an 8 yard toss from Robert Griffin to Pierre Garcon to go back in front, 10 – 7.

Minnesota retook the lead early in the second quarter on a short, 2 yard pass from Christian Ponder to Cordarrelle Patterson to put Minnesota on top, 14 – 10.  The lead swung back into Washington’s favor later in the 2nd quarter on another Griffin touchdown pass, this one from 11 yards out to Jordan Reed.  The momentum stayed in Washington’s favor when Griffin threw his third touchdown pass of the first half from 1 yard out to Logan Paulsen and the two teams went into halftime with the Redskins leading, 24 – 14.

The Redskins bumped the lead up to a game-high 13 points in the 3rd quarter when Forbath was good on a 40 yard field goal to put Washington up, 27 – 14, but the Vikings were not ready to give up.

With 4:32 left in the third quarter, Ponder hit John Carson on a 20 yard touchdown pass to bring the Vikings within 6.  When, later in that same quarter, Peterson scored from 1 yard out, the Vikings had regained the lead, 28 – 27.

The 4th quarter consisted of two Redskins’ failed drives ending in punts and two Minnesota drives ending in Blair Walsh field goals making the score Minnesota 34, Washington 27, before the Redskins would go on a potential game-tying drive to end regulation play.  The Redskins’ drive, however, would fall short after a failed 4th and goal pass attempt from the Minnesota 4 yard line with 24 seconds left on the game clock.  (Remember that foreshadowing NOTE in the first paragraph?  This was it!!)

It was an exciting game, played by two struggling teams and, in the end, the Week 10 Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award winner for the Minnesota Vikings.


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