WEEK 13 – College Football Crisis Management Award Winner

Believe it or not, we are already nearing the end of the 2013 College Football Season – seems like we only just got started.

In Week 13, both the list of Undefeated Teams and the list of Winless Teams were trimmed down by one with a few other close calls.  The undefeated team that gets removed from our list is the Baylor Bears who lost to Oklahoma State, 49 – 17, in a game that they never led; lost their chance at an undefeated season; and, lost all hopes of being in the National Championship Game.  Northern Illinois remained undefeated by besting Toledo, 35 – 17, in a game in which they trailed by 3 points early in the contest.  Alabama, Florida State, Fresno State and Ohio State all remain on the list of undefeated teams with easy victories in games in which they never trailed.

The list of undefeated teams now includes the following 5 names:


  • Alabama (defeated Chattanooga, 49 – 0)
  • Florida State (defeated Idaho, 80 – 14)
  • Fresno State (defeated New Mexico, 69 – 28)
  • Northern Illinois (defeated Toledo, 35 – 17)
  • Ohio State (defeated Indiana, 42 – 14)

For our winless teams, there were a few close games and one team which, finally, gets a taste of victory for 2013.  Georgia State put up a good fight against Arkansas State but failed on a two point conversion that would have tied the game late in the fourth quarter and lost its 11th game on the year, 35 – 33.  For the second week in a row, the Hawaii Warriors took their game into overtime in search of their first win on the season, but lost to Wyoming, 59 – 56 in a see-saw battle that had the lead change hands some 8 times.  Miami of Ohio took another early week thumping; this time, a Tuesday Night, 44 – 7, loss to Buffalo.  And, Southern Miss was doubled up by Middle Tennessee, 42 – 21 in a game in which they never held the lead.

But, in the contest that would become the Week 13 Safe Harbor Consulting College Football Crisis Management Award winning game, the Connecticut Huskies overcame a 21 point halftime deficit to the Temple Owls to secure their first victory in 2013 and remove their name from the winless teams list.

The list of winless FBS teams now stands as follows:


  • Georgia State (lost to Arkansas State, 35 – 33)
  • Hawaii (lost to Wyoming, 59 – 56, in OT)
  • Miami (OH) (lost to Buffalo, 44 – 7)
  • Southern Mississippi (lost to Middle Tennessee, 42 – 21)


For some reason, Week 13 in College Football included an unusually high number of FBS vs FCS games for this late in the season, including one game in which the FCS member embarrassed a team from a BCS automatic qualifying conference.  Just when you think Will Muschamp’s head coaching seat couldn’t get any hotter, the Eagles from Georgia Southern light it on fire by beating Florida, 26 – 20, for their 6th straight loss and making them ineligible for a bowl game in 2013.

With 59 games on the slate with at least one FBS team participating, 36 games were won by teams that never trailed – the highest total since Week 4.  Of the 23 games in which the winning team trailed at one point or another in the game, 8 of them were won by teams that trailed by more than one score (more than 8 points), including a team that won for the first time in 2013.  In fact, that first time winner not only removed its name from the list of winless teams, but, by coming back from 21 points down before securing the victory, the Connecticut Huskies also became the Week 13 winner of the Safe Harbor Consulting College Football Crisis Management Award.



Uconn HuskiesIt was only 3 seasons ago that the Connecticut Huskies were representing the Big East Conference in a BCS bowl game (Fiesta Bowl vs. Oklahoma).  Now, only three years later, in a much watered-down, revamped Big East Football Conference with a new name – the American Athletic Conference – the Huskies were at rock bottom of the conference and facing a potential undefeated season.  They road into Philadelphia to face the 1 – 9 Temple Owls in a game which looked like they might have a chance, but that flickering flame of hope didn’t burn too bright in the first half of that contest.

With hopes of finally getting a win in 2013, Connecticut found themselves, once again trailing in a football against an opponent they looked, at least on paper, to be equally matched-up against.  But, Temple scored the game’s first touchdown near the end of the first quarter on a P. J. Walker 6 yard run and then added two more in the second quarter – a Walker to Robbie Anderson 8 yard pass and a Zaire Williams 18 yard run – to take a seemingly commanding 21 – 0 lead into halftime.

With the season coming to a close; with an interim Head Coach making the calls following the in-season firing of your other Head Coach; holding an 0 – 10 record; and, trailing 21 – 0 at half – you wouldn’t expect a whole lot of fight left in your team.  But, to the credit of these young men from Connecticut, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The Huskies started their march to victory number 1 in 2013 on the first series of the second half.  On the sixth play of the drive, Casey Cochran tossed a 33 yard touchdown pass to Geremy Davis to remove the 0 from their side of the scoreboard.  Later in that same quarter, Max DeLorenzo ran the ball in from 4 yards out to bring the Huskies to within a touchdown at 21 – 14.  Their first drive of the 4th quarter ended with 1 yard Cochran touchdown run to tie the game and, when Yawin Smallwood returned an interception 59 yards for a defensive touchdown, the Huskies were able to remove the 0 from their win column.

Considering everything else that has happened to the Huskies in 2013, it was a rather amazing feat to come from 21 points down to get their first victory.  Now, with only one game remaining on the year, they have a chance to end 2013 on a two-game winning streak.  And, not only did they get their first victory in Week 13, they also earn recognition as the Safe Harbor College Football Crisis Management Award winners.  Congratulations Huskies.

Certificate - Week 13 - UConn


Businesses, just like college football teams, can experience huge deficits from business interruption events in which they must rally from behind to stay in the game.  In the area of Crisis Management, game day is the arrival of the tornado; the coming floods; the day the hurricane strikes; a fire; a regional pandemic; technology failures; or any of a variety of risks and threats that can interrupt your business processes and/or the technologies that support them.  And, just like college football teams, your ability to overcome these deficits is directly related to the time and effort you put into planning your strategies and practicing your emergency response, business continuity and disaster recovery plays.

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Congratulations once again to the Connecticut Huskies for overcoming adversity and rallying back from the largest deficit faced by a winning team during Week 13 of the 2013 college football season.   Not only do we have just two more weeks left in the 2013 College Football season, but we also have only two more weeks in the BCS era.  Could we possibly end the BCS era, prior to going into a mini-playoff format, with 3 undefeated teams from Major Conferences?  We have some rivalry games and conference championship games to play before we find out.  I kind of hope it resolves itself and we don’t end with controversy – but, then on the other hand …

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