Week 12 – Pro Football Crisis Management Award Winner

Some similar challenges just seem more daunting than others due to the circumstances of the incidents.  For example, a power outage caused by a Superstorm Sandy seems more daunting than a power outage caused by overuse during a heat wave.  The same is true in the NFL.  The challenge of overcoming a 24 point deficit by a team being led by your average, everyday quarterback seems a little more doable than the challenge of overcoming a deficit of 24 points to a team with Peyton Manning playing quarterback.  In Week 12 of the NFL, the Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award winner had to overcome that most daunting challenge – trailing the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos by 24 points at half time!  And, they survived the crisis with an overtime victory.  You just never know.


Week 12 in the NFL is the last week of the season with teams sitting on the sidelines with a bye – from here on out we will have a full slate of 16 games each week.  Week 12’s schedule included 14 games, and, for the first time this year, had one game end in a tie.  Of the 13 games in which we had a winner, 9 were won by the visiting team; 6 games were won by teams that never trailed; and, 3 games were won by teams that overcame a deficit of 11 points or more.

The team that won the Week 12 Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award did so by overcoming the largest deficit of the year thus far – 24 points!  And, they did so by coming back against one of the best teams in the league.


DEN NEThe 9 – 1 Denver Broncos rode into Foxboro, MA with an impressive offensive season underway and looking to stay on top of the AFC playoff standings against a 7 – 3 New England Patriot team trying to stay on top of the AFC East.  This promised to be one of the better Week 12 games and was set up for a center-stage, Sunday Night National television broadcast.  But, when the Broncos charged out to a 24 – 0 first half lead, and, with Peyton Manning in charge of a highly efficient offensive machine, it is a good bet that TV channels were being changed.

Ironically enough, it was the Denver defense that started off the scoring with a 50 yard touchdown scamper on a fumble recovery by Von Miller.  The defense then got the ball back on another fumble recovery returned to the New England 10 yard line.  Two plays later, Knowshon Moreno ran the ball in from 2 yards out for a 14 – 0 Denver lead.  Later, still in the first quarter, Matt Prater connected on a 27 yard field goal to put Denver up 17 – 0.

The second quarter scoring was limited to a single touchdown scored by the Broncos on a Peyton Manning 10 yard pass to Jacob Tamme.  Going into halftime, trailing the high powered Denver Broncos 24 – 0, is, in football terms, a true crisis.  Any team that overcomes this deficit deserves recognition.

New England started their comeback journey on the first drive of the 3rd quarter.  A Tom Brady 5 yard touchdown pass to Julian Edelman capped off an 8 play, 80 yard drive to put the Patriots on the board.  New England’s defense then got a turnover of their own and set up the offense at the Bronco’s 32 after recovering a fumble.  Six plays and 32 yards later, the Patriots were within 24 – 14 following a Brandon Bolden 1 yard touchdown run.  After stopping the Bronco offense once again, the Patriots put up their third touchdown of the third quarter on a 6 yard pass from Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski.

After intercepting Manning early in the 4th quarter, the Patriots completed their improbable comeback by taking the lead on a Brady to Edelman, 14 yard touchdown pass.  Amazingly enough, the Patriots were now on top, 28 – 24.  But, there was still some football left to be played.

New England went up by 7 on a 31 yard Stephen Gostkowski field goal, but Peyton Manning had one more drive left in him and tied the game up at 31 – 31 on a late, 4th quarter touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas from 11 yards out.  Both teams had chances for a game winning drive but were not able to move the ball into field goal range and regulation play ended knotted up at 31.

Denver took the kickoff to start overtime but stalled out on their own 42.  Failing to score on the first possession of overtime, the game was now in sudden death mode.  New England was unable to move the ball on their first overtime possession and had to punt the ball back to the ever-dangerous Peyton ManningDenver did move the ball from their own 13 across midfield, but could not quit reach field goal range and punted the ball back to New England.  The Patriots had no success moving the ball and, once again, punted back to Denver.  This time, however, the punt was muffed and recovered by New England at the Bronco 13 where Gotkowski lined up for a field goal on 3rd down and won the game to finish the miraculous come-from-behind victory over the Denver Broncos and secure the Week 12 Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award.


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