College Football Crisis Management Award – Week 3

Week 3 of the FBS college football season was short of high profile matchups but long on excitement and entertainment.  There are fewer FCS teams showing up on the schedule, but we are still not yet into the conference schedules where we see more competitive matchups.  But, and this is why we love college football, the surprises and upsets are there, just the same as they are every week.  You just never know which games are going to surprise you.

That’s also one reason I love this promotion we are doing at Safe Harbor Consulting – every game, every team, is relevant.  No matter how many wins you have, or losses; no matter where you are in the standings; no matter your history, your size, your conference or your chances to get into the playoffs; you can always be this weeks’ SHC College Football Crisis Management Award winner by pulling off a remarkable come from behind victory in that week’s game.  And, we check the results of every game played to find out who you might be.

Now that we are in Week 3, as said above, there are more FBS on FBS matchups.  And, with a few more teams starting to hit their bye weeks, we end up with fewer games on the schedule.  Week 1 had a total of 84 games played with at least 1 FBS team; in Week 2, it was a total of 74 games; and, this week we were down to just 58 games.  But, fewer games does not mean less excitement.  Week 3 had plenty of that.

Of the 58 games played in week 3, 31 contests were won by teams that never trailed (54% of the games).  After just 3 weeks into the season, there are 13 FBS teams left that have never trailed in any of their games and 5 teams that have yet to hold the lead in any of their games played.  There are also 15 other teams that have not yet played a game in which there was a lead change – but they have won and lost at least one of those games.


Arizona State, Auburn, Baylor, BYU, California, Cincinnati, Florida State, Marshall, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, TCU, Texas A&M, Utah


Fresno State, Kent State, New Mexico, Rice, SMU

Of the 27 Week 3 games in which the winning team trailed by at least 1 point at some time in the contest, 10 of them were won by teams that had to overcome a deficit of 10 points or more.  Penn State rallied back after being 10 points down to spoil Rutgers’ Big Team Conference debut.  Middle Tennessee overcame a 10 point deficit to defeat Western Kentucky in a thrilling overtime struggle.  Boston College came back after being 11 points behind to stun USC in one of the week’s biggest upsets.  Iowa State walked away with the Cy-Hawk trophy after coming back from 11 points down to beat their in-state rival, IowaIndiana State, one of the few remaining FCS teams on the schedule, overcame an 11 point deficit to defeat Ball StateBowling Green secured another MAC conference victory over the B1G Ten by defeating Indiana, 45 – 42, after trailing by 11 points.  Another FCS over FBS victory was secured by Abilene Christian after they rallied back from a two-touchdown, 14 point deficit, to defeat the Trojans of TroyUAB spotted FCS Alabama A&M 14 points before scoring 41 of their own to wrap up their victory.  And, Vanderbilt overcame a 14 point deficit, to avoid starting the season 0 – 3, in their come-from-behind victory over Massachusetts.  But, no team overcame a larger deficit than the Week 3 Safe Harbor Consulting College Football Crisis Management Award winner.

And, the winner is … the Panthers from the University of Pittsburgh!

The Pittsburgh Panthers went on the road to Miami, FL to take on some Panthers of another color – the Golden Panthers from Florida International University (FIU).  The Panthers from Pittsburgh apparently didn’t come out of the locker room in the 1st quarter, spotting the Golden Panthers a 16 point lead before starting on the comeback trail.  Pittsburgh cut the lead to 2, 16 – 14, at half, and added 3 more unanswered touchdowns in the 3rd quarter to take control of the game.  By the time the final gun sounded, the Panthers from up north had secured a rather comfortable, 42 – 25 victory, but not until after a 1st quarter wakeup call and not before spotting their southern cousin panthers enough of a lead to qualify them as the Week 3 winner of the Safe Harbor Consulting College Football Crisis Management Award.

Certificate - Week 3 - Pittsburgh

More conference games start appearing on the schedules in Week 4 and we look forward to some more excitement in the world of college football.  Thank you for following along.

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