College Football Crisis Management Award – Week 6

As fun and exciting as Weeks 1 – 5 in College Football have been, Week 6 blew them all away.  In the inaugural FBS Championship Playoff season, Week 6 just muddied up the waters something awful … and I love it!!  Given some of the teams that were involved in this week’s upsets, I guess you can call the playoff picture a Mississippi Mud Pie.  I happen to believe that Week 6 was just the tip of the iceberg and each subsequent week will result in more upsets; more shuffling of the top ranked spots; more heartache and frustrations from select fan bases; more jubilation and field rushing from other fan bases; and, yes, more fun and excitement.

The College Football slate for Week 6 included a total of 57 games with at least one FBS football team participating.  Of those 57 games played, 24 (42%) were won by teams that never trailed.  Both Ole Miss and TCU come off the list of teams that have never trailed, but, both also ended up winning their games in come-from-behind fashion beating top 5 ranked teams and adding to the Week 6 playoff predictions shuffle.  That leaves us with just two teams, Baylor and Marshall, which have yet to trail in any of their 2014 football contests.

SMU remains the only FBS football team to never have a lead in any of their contests so far.  But, the Mustangs did show some life in their game against a very good East Carolina squad and, as they get into American Athletic Conference play, I am confident they will soon achieve their first lead, and, come away with their first victory.

In addition to Baylor, Marshall and SMU, there are 4 other teams, Appalachian State, Kansas, North Texas and South Alabama who have had the first team to score never relinquish the lead in every game they played.  And, there are 4 FBS teams that have had every game they played in include some kind of come from behind victory.  Georgia Tech, with their win over Miami (FL), in which they once trailed by 7, remains the only undefeated team to rally back from a deficit in each of their victories.


Baylor, Marshall




Appalachian State (1 – 3), Kansas (2 – 3), North Texas (2 – 3), South Alabama (2 – 3)


Georgia Tech (5 – 0), Iowa (4 – 1), UAB (3 – 2), UCF (2 – 2)

Week 6 included 33 games in which the winning team trailed by at least 1 point or more at some time in the contest.  Of those 33 games, 7 included comebacks of 10 points or more.  Ole Miss knocked Alabama out of the playoff picture (for the time being) with an incredible 11 point comeback against the mighty Crimson Tide.  Bowling Green also came back from an 11 point deficit to defeat Buffalo, 36 – 35.  UAB had to comeback after being 13 points down against Western Kentucky before securing their victory, 42 – 39.  Two teams that have figured into the past two Crisis Management Award winning games, California, on the losing end of Week 4’s award and Washington State, the winner in Week 5, played in a barn-burner in which California eventually won, 60 – 59, after being down by 14 several times in the contest.  Georgia Southern came back after being 14 points down to beat New Mexico State, 36 – 28.  And, Kentucky upset South Carolina, 45 – 38, after trailing by 14 points, legitimizing their standing in the tough SEC.  But, no team came back from a larger deficit in Week 6 (or, any other week this season) then our Safe Harbor Consulting College Football Crisis Management Award winner did!

And, the winner is … the Red Hawks from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio!!

How ironic is it that in a week with so many games of ranked team versus ranked team; a week with 11 top 25 teams getting beat; a week that muddies up the top 10 rankings and throws a wrench into the volatile inaugural championship playoff picture, that the one game with the largest come from behind victory; the one game with enough excitement to entertain any college football fan; and, the game that produced this Week’s Safe Harbor Consulting College Football Crisis Management Award winner, was the game that featured two 0 – 5 teams vying for their first win of the season?

In the 5 games Massachusetts had lost prior to the Week 6 contest against Miami, OH, they held the lead in three of those loses – twice blowing leads of more than 10 points.  Miami held 7 point leads in three of the 5 games they had lost coming into Saturday.  You knew one of the two teams had to come away with a victory – you just didn’t know it would be in such amazing fashion.

UMass put up the first two touchdowns, ending the 1st quarter with a 14 – 0 lead.  They built that lead up to 27 points at 41 – 14 with 2:00 left in the first half and it looked like the Red Hawks were headed to yet another embarrassing defeat.  The touchdown Miami scored just before the half ended, to get within 20, still didn’t seem like it put them back into the game.

But, UMass may have already thought they had the victory sealed and failed to come out of the locker room with that same first half intensity and Miami was not yet done playing football.  Miami put up the only score in the 3rd quarter to get within 13 at 41 – 28.  And, two more touchdowns in the 4th quarter while holding UMass at bay completed an amazing 27 point come from behind victory and secure the Safe Harbor Consulting College Football Crisis Management Award for Week 6.

Certificate - Week 6 - Miami OH


I guess it’s fitting that this historic week should include the year’s largest come from behind victory to date.  And, I love the fact that games like this – otherwise buried behind all the Top 25 matchups and Top 5 upsets, can be just as exciting and demand our attention and recognition.  Way to go Red Hawks!!

Now, I can’t wait to see what muddies up the waters next week.

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