2015 Program Review

Safe Harbor Consulting

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery / Crisis Management

Program Review and Planning

As the years change on the calendar and we begin to initiate our 2015 projects, improvements and advancements, it is a good time to stop, measure and assess where our programs stand today.

Safe Harbor Consulting can provide an experienced and professional program review of your Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and/or Crisis Management programs to:

  • Inventory all Program Components and assess their state of completeness and accuracy
  • Identify program strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Compare your program components against industry standards and accepted best practices
  • Review the current Program’s Organizational Structure to ensure the right fit within your organization with the proper management oversight and controls
  • Assess your organization’s current state of readiness and identify risks that may impact your ability to adequately respond to a business interruption event
  • Propose an Action Plan Roadmap based on management priorities and expectations

In conducting this Program Review, Safe Harbor Consulting will:

  • Interview key corporate assets responsible for the development, maintenance and implementation of these programs within your organization
  • Review all program related documentation, including:
    • Program related policies, procedures, mission statements, goals and objectives
    • Plans, manuals and supporting program databases
    • Audit findings and related reports
    • Test plans and results
    • Training materials and presentations
    • Other material that may exist in your environment
  • Review all company and industry standards related to BCP/DR/CM for your particular industry
  • Compile our findings in a Management Report
  • Offer recommendations for short term tactical and long term strategic improvements for your programs including potential re-organization of the reporting structure and program oversight
  • Present an Action Plan for implementing all program recommendations

The deliverables that you receive at the end of Safe Harbor Consulting’s review will include:

  • A Program Assessment Findings Report
  • An action-oriented recommended Project Plan to achieve short-term and long-term program improvement goals
  • An Executive Summary Report
  • A Management Presentation of Findings and Recommendations

Your Safe Harbor Consulting Program Review will be based on years of experience in the fields of business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management across multiple industries and organizations utilizing a variety of technologies and infrastructure in support of mission critical business processes; and, supported by lessons learned through the live implementation of such plans following serious corporate disasters and business outages.

Safe Harbor Consulting prides itself on being practical and pragmatic in our approach, to ensure that the resulting programs are consistent with management expectations and are actionable at time of an event.  We will not only review the program material, but will assess your organization’s state of readiness to respond to an incident and, adequately put your plans into action.

Don’t let another year go by lacking the confidence that you and your organization are prepared to respond to a serious business interruption event – call Safe Harbor Consulting today to schedule a meeting to prepare our proposal for conducting your Program Review.






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