New York City Evacuations Begin

According to this article, Mayor Michael Bloomberg just ordered the mandatory evacuation of around 250,000 residents.  Let the emergency begin.

The evacuation process itself has the real risk of turning into its own form of an emergency or crisis.  I can imagine that store shelves are already bare of essentials and not so essentials as the panic sets in and people begin to hoard everything from milk to water to beer to toilet paper and who knows what.  It certainly is not a bad idea to be prepared – but by storing up a month’s worth of staples for an event that may last a few days is not an effective and efficient solution.

Good luck to all of you in the NYC area with your commutes this afternoon.  I hope that the chaos the evacuation causes does not do more harm than good.  In a place like NYC when the evacuations begin, looting and theft cannot be too far behind if the civil authorities are not prepared.

I hope my concerns do not come to pass and I hope this all just ends up being a well organized, exercise in precautionary measures for an event that is not as bad as feared – time, I guess, will tell.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Thank you for your input.