Lessons Learned

The 10 Year Anniversary of 9/11 has come and gone.  Some tears were shed.  Some memories were shared.  Some hugs were given.  And, some heartache relived.

I wrote an article for Continuity Insights magazine on Lessons Learned from this event and whether or not they are still applicable today.  It is now posted to their web site for all to see.

I also participated on a panel discussion on the topic for the American Bar Association.

Both of these events were somewhat cathartic for me as I still have some healing to do from this event.  I cannot imagine how those who lost loved ones (beyond the few acquaintances that I knew) must feel.  Again, my family was one of the lucky ones – my wife, who would have been in the middle of it all, took that day off for a doctor’s appointment and I did not have any business scheduled downtown that day.  My children will tell you about the fears they had for hours while away at college waiting to hear about our well being.

I do hope that the lessons learned from that tragic day, business continuity related and otherwise, remain with us always as well as the memories of those who were lost.

My thanks go out to all the agencies, organizations and others who did a fantastic job in remembering that day and paying tribute to the heroes – many of whom we will never know.

Thank you for your input.