Emergency Response – Language Assistance

I am happy to report that our blog post inviting other companies to include a link to their websites on our blog page has resulted in a number of phone calls and emails.  Glad to see you all found us and are interested in being included on our page.

One company that contacted us, LangCommLive, eloquently pleaded their case for how an online, language interpretation company can have a role to play in Emergency Response programs.  They did not need to convince me.  Having recently been responsible for an airline’s emergency response program which includes having to provide passionate care and assistance to passenger families, some of whom may be foreign nationals, having to have access to professional language interpreters was something we were very cognizant about.  This was even a very important requirement for domestic flights that did not fly over foreign airspace – you never know what the demographics of your passengers, or their families, might be.

For any company that provides transportation services and must adhere to the Family Assistance Act of 1996, having access to this type of service is crucial.  The LangCommLive website includes a Case Study on how they were able to assist Carnival Cruise Lines during an emergency they recently experienced.

There are many other situations where language interpretation services may be necessary at time of crisis.  Including a firm like LangCommLive in your directory of service providers may prove valuable to you at time of your emergency – especially if you are an international firm.

We are happy to include a link to LangCommLive on our blog page and encourage our readers to consider how and where a service like this might be necessary in their emergency response and/or business continuity programs.

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