World Vision: Humanitarian Services and Emergency Response

Last week, I had the opportunity and privilege to have lunch with the gentleman responsible for business continuity planning at World Vision, United States.  Not only did I have the honor of meeting a real nice, intelligent and engaging individual, who I hope to be able to share a number of lunches with in the near future – but, I also got an interesting education on the World Vision organization; an organization of which I knew little about.

Taken from their website, (, “World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.”

At my guest’s recommendation, I arrived for our appointment a half an hour early to allow me time to tour the World Vision museum at their World Headquarters prior to our lunch.  This was a fascinating self-guided tour through the history, mission, successes and future hopes of the World Vision organization. 

And, not only does World Vision help tackle the causes of poverty and injustice, they are also one of the first organizations on site, and the last to leave, providing emergency support and care in the wake of natural and man-made disasters.

World Vision may not be as known or recognizable here in the US as the American Red Cross is, but they provide many similar services and are very well known in other regions of the world.

While walking through the museum, I was, of course, particularly drawn to the displays and information available describing their disaster and emergency response efforts.  There was one plaque on the wall that included this quote:  “The World Bank has estimated that every dollar spent in preparing for a natural disaster saves seven in response.”  I find that a remarkable statistic supporting our cries for the need to prepare in advance for disasters and business interruptions.  I wonder if similar results are realized in business continuity situations.  It seems to me that they would be.

Anyway, I just thought that I would draw your attention to this lesser known organization that provides tremendous humanitarian services throughout the world and is also very involved in disaster and emergency response, care and relief – especially focused on the needs of children and those without the means to provide care for their selves.  I highly encourage you to visit their website and learn more about World Vision for yourself.

Thank you for your input.