Seattle Area Snow and Ice Storms

All of last year, we in the Seattle and Puget Sound area, sat comfortably by watching the rest of the United States, and rest of the world, suffer through one weather and geological disaster after another.  Well, 2012 is letting us know early that we will not have that same luxury this year.

So far, I am one of the lucky ones who still has power in my office and home as the number of outages keeps increasing from falling tree branches and power lines.  As I sit here typing, however, the lights are flickering and the trees outside my window are looking ominous.

Yesterday, this area was hit with one of the worst snowfalls in recent history and today that snow is being covered with a coating of ice and freezing rain adding to the already serious travel conditions.  The Sea-Tac airport has been closed all morning and, like I said above, power outages are steadily increasing.

Tomorrow, no doubt, as the temperatures continue to rise, will bring floods warnings to the area.

Weather emergencies seem to have their way of eventually getting to all regions of the world.  I doubt there are too many locations where you are safe from all tricks that Mother Nature has up her sleeve.  Undoubtedly, your time will come when you need to respond to or wait out a weather related event.

Last year, that was true for almost all areas of the United States except the West Coast and Pacific Northwest.  It’s only January 19 and the Pacific Northwest is already experiencing its first significant weather emergency in 2012.  I am sure we will be reading stories of business challenges and losses following this event in the coming days.  Airlines and airport services are already taking a huge hit over these past two days, not to mention those individuals relying on these services to get to their job locations.

Are you and your company prepared for what might be in store in 2012 for your part of the world?  I am sure, time will tell – we just don’t know when or what will measure that.

Thank you for your input.