A Little Housekeeping

Just a quick administrative note to clue you in on a few minor changes we made to our blog page.  Please notice that we have added a link to the Safe Harbor Consulting facebook business page under the heading of each article.  The “My Page” link will connect you directly to the SHC facebook page where we have additional information, pictures and fun tidbits about SHC and the things our employees are doing.

We have also added a “like” button to each article so you can “like” the individual blog entries of your choosing.  This will help us identify the most popular topics that may suggest follow up blogs are desired.

And, lastly, we have added a “Most Recent Comments” entry on the right hand side of the page to identify those blogs that others have commented on.  Right now we are showing the 5 most recent comments – we would love this to be a more prominent feature of our page and can extend the list should our readers become more active.

The more you interact with us with your “likes” and comments, the better we can judge the viewership and interest in this page – which, in turn, helps motivate us to continue to keep the articles coming.  Tracking software does suggest we are getting lots of hits to this blog, but your input would be valuable in letting us know those hits are of value to you.  Please don’t be shy, your thoughts on the topics we post are very much of interest to us.

Thanks for your help.

The folks at Safe Harbor Consulting.

Thank you for your input.