A Day of Remembrance

Some of you know that although I am a professional Business Continuity Consultant, I also consider myself an amateur poet.  For today, I am going to mix the two worlds and post a poem I wrote last year.  Let us never forget.


S ome events, in each generation, significantly, our lives do sway

E veryone remembers the same exact moment as if it occurred yesterday

P ast history that stays in our minds, moments we cannot forget

T error reigned upon our countrymen from an unknown threat

E ven now the vision still haunts us, as many the pilgrimage make

M emorials stand now where towers stood before and pictures the visitors take

B uried beneath the now sacred ground are souls forever lost

E nergies spent on security tightening is the ultimate cost

R emember forever the events of that day and lives lost in trying to right it


1 day of terror from a stealthy foe and

1 decade now trying to fight it

Thank you for your input.