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The ROI Issue: Does Preparedness Planning Have One?

My good friend, and, hopefully, soon to be guest blogger on this site, David Lindstedt has written a very interesting and intelligent article recently published by Continuity Insights, titled: “Does Preparedness Have and ROI? | Part 1, An Answer”.

I highly recommend you taking a look at this article as I think David offers some very poignant thoughts on this often debated topic.  The concept of a Return on Your Investment for the time, effort and monies spent on preparedness planning and solutions is something many practitioners have been seeking as justification for the hard-to-get budget to support the solutions we would like see put into place.  We are, after all, vying for the same dollars that others within the organization are asking for to support revenue generating products, tools and assets.  I think David, in Part 1 of his article, has set a nice foundation for a supporting argument.  I am very curious now, to read part 2.

Maybe his part 2 will address my subsequent questions.  I understand and appreciate the concepts behind this discussion, but I think the question about ROI helps us only to a point in helping capture those last few dollars for our programs.  The ROI argument or question, might really be, at what point is an ROI required to invest in our preparedness program and when does the ROI, even if it does exist, no longer make sense?

I ask forgiveness from my international readers as I draw an analogy to American football.   There are some contingencies or preparedness programs that just makes sense to invest in – like having a backup Quarterback – or backup for each position.  But, how many backups and what combinations are the right number?  And what is the right price to pay for the backups?

Should I pay more for my backup QB than I do for a starting lineman?  Should I have two backup QB’s and only three backup offensive linemen that are interchangeable?  Should I invest in a backup kicker, or just use one of my other players in an emergency situation?

Using David’s article as my guide, it is obvious that I get an ROI for each backup.  I benefit from being able to practice against the backups.  The competition for a starting position improves the play of all.  And, some backups might even put some additional fans in the seats.  But a return alone is not the answer.  We must analyze how each decision impacts the whole.  Sometimes I think the business continuity planners loose sight of this fact.

The more I pay for backup QB’s the less I have to spend on facilities, marketing, uniforms, cheerleaders, etc.  And we all know how important the cheerleaders are.

So, yes, I anxiously await David’s part 2 – “The Implications”.  He is a smart man; I am looking forward to benefitting from his wisdom.

Continuity Insights Management Conference 2012

Having a great time at the Continuity Insights Management Conference 2012 in Scottsdale, AZ.  This conference provides a terrific atmosphere for skilled and experienced practitioners to get together and share their experiences, successes and challenges.  There are also a number of new practitioners eager to listen and learn from those that have blazed the paths ahead of them.

Bob Nakao and team do a terrific job planning and delivering this conference and my hat goes off to all of those behind the scenes individuals that make allow us to see only the duck gracefully glide across the pond without even noticing the manic flapping of webbed feet beneath the surface.

I was awarded a prime spot on Monday to deliver my session on “Revisiting the BC/DR Methodology” to a packed room.  No one left and no one feel asleep so I consider it a success.  I am now planning to play my role as a panel member on an Ask the Experts session about Exercise Tools and Techniques.

Safe Harbor Consulting is hosting a hospitality suite and we are having fun hosting many new friends and, hopefully, future clients, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere between sessions and at day’s end.

Once again, thanks Bob and thanks CI for putting on such a fine show and on inviting Safe Harbor Consulting to participate in such an active way.

Continuity Insights 2012 Management Conference

The Continuity Insights 2012 Management Conference is scheduled for April 16 – 18 in Scottsdale, Arizona.  And, Safe Harbor Consulting will be there and well represented on the agenda.

We have been slated a terrific spot on the agenda with Joe Flach presenting his break-out session, “Revisiting the BC/DR Planning Methodology” (Session B4) on Monday, April 16 from 11:00 am – 12:00 noon.  Then, on Tuesday, April 17 from 9:45 – 11:00 am, Mr. Flach will be a panel member in a break-out session on “Exercise Facilitation Techniques” (Session G4).

You can register through the Continuity Insights website and enjoy early registration discounts.

Safe Harbor Consulting will also be hosting a Hospitality Suite in the “Talking Stick Resort”, where the conference is being held, and we look forward to meeting and entertaining you there.  We will post the room number for the hospitality suite on the Conference Bulletin Board at the conference.

We are looking forward to some fun in the sun; interesting and educating sessions; and good times with good friends.  Let us know if you are planning to attend the conference so we can be sure to connect in Scottsdale.

Lunch with a Friend

Yesterday, I had the honor and privilege to have lunch with an old friend who was passing through the area – Bob Nakao.

Bob is the Executive Publisher for Continuity Insights Magazine and has been helping promote the fields of business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management for many years now.  I have known Bob, contributed articles to his magazines and presented at his trade shows many times throughout the years.

I was happy that Bob made time in his busy schedule to join me for lunch at my Gig Harbor Rotary Club meeting in Anthony’s restaurant.  I was able to show off the beautiful and historic (historic, in Pacific Northwest terms, which doesn’t go back very far) Gig Harbor and the two of us caught up on old times and discussed emerging trends in business continuity and disaster recovery.

It was just a few, short months after the tragic events of 9/11 that I spoke at one of Bob’s shows about Lessons Learned from the World Trade Center Tragedy.  And, now, ten years later, his magazine is going to feature the article I wrote, “Revisiting 9/11 – Have the Lessons Learned Stuck?”, in an upcoming edition.  I will post a link to the article when it appears.

It was nice to see you again, my friend.  Please stop by the next time you are in the area.

And that goes for the rest of you, too.