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Time Inc. Special’s, “Disasters That Shook The World”

While traveling this week, I picked up a magazine/book published by Time Inc. Specials titled, “Disasters That Shook The World”.  This is a very simple and interesting read.  It is a quick synopsis of a number of disasters with no great detail, but some very interesting insight into these events.  The articles focus on the human element and what was learned about our responses to these events and what could have been done to mitigate the impacts of, and in some cases prevent, these disasters from occurring.

Many of the case studies included in the book were very familiar to me, such as:

  • The Sinking of the Titanic
  • The Hindenburg Disaster
  • The Great Chicago Fire
  • The Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster
  • The Exon Valdez Incident

This book also included relatively recent case studies, such as:

  • The Costa Concordia Accident
  • The Miracle on the Hudson
  • The Tsunami in Japan
  • The Oil Spill in the Gulf
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • The Nevada Air Show Crash

And, this book included case studies of lesser known and forgotten events that should be remembered for the lessons learned and changes they influenced.  These included:

  • The Triangle Sweatshop Fire in NYC
  • Munitions Ship Explosion in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Cocoanut Grove Nightclub Fire and Stampede in Boston
  • Circus Fire in Hartford, Connecticut

And a few more.

Even with those that I was familiar with, the articles included shared something that I was not aware of.  Anyway, I just found the read to be fascinating and great airplane fodder, although the chapter about “Disasters in the Air” I was very careful not to leave those pages exposed to my fellow travelers.

If you happen to come across this magazine at the Newsstands, I recommend you pick it up.  It will only take you a short time to read it and you might find it interesting and, perhaps, even learn a thing or two.

Disaster Links

Want to read up on everything to do with disasters?  Sounds like a fun evening, huh?

Well, if you do, here is a terrific web page with links to disaster related sites that could keep you busy and entertained for many nights to come.

As business continuity and disaster recovery planning professionals we often have to deal with management teams or individuals who still are willing to believe that disasters will not happen to them – or, at least, not on their watch.  Well, the data and information is piling up to suggest that it is no longer a question of “if”, but of “when”.

I do not believe in the practice of fear-mongering, but it does help to be educated and aware of what disaster threats are out there; what organizations are in place to monitor and respond to them; and, what lessons can be learned by past disastrous events.  This site provides links to all of that.

So, put on your reading glasses, get a glass of your favorite beverage and have fun scaring the crap out of yourself getting educated about the risks and threats that loom out there.

Nobody said business continuity and disaster recovery planning professionals were normal people.