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Week 4 – Pro Football Crisis Management Award

Complacency is often the enemy of improving and expanding corporate crisis management programs.  It is not unusual to encounter management teams that say they do not need to review, exercise or practice their emergency response and business continuity programs because they did just fine during a recent business interruption event.  But, just like football teams cannot rest on their laurels; and, just like every new game presents new challenges and differing game situations, every business interruption event is different.  No matter how many victories you have encountered in your season, you still need to practice and you still need to prepare for your next opponent.  Same is true in crisis management planning.

This week is the first time we encounter an NFL team that was on the winning side of the Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award appear on the wrong side of that honor.  The Houston Texans won our award outright in Week 1 and shared the title with two other teams in Week 2.  This week, they appeared to have a relatively easy victory under their belt, when the tide turned against them.  We are not saying that the Texans grew complacent – we are just suggesting, you never know.  Past success is not necessarily a prediction of future success.  Practice, practice, practice – and plan for the next crisis – not the one you recently experienced.


Week 4 in the NFL brought the first BYEs on the NFL schedule with Green Bay and Carolina getting an early break in their season.  Of the 15 games played this week, 9 games were won by teams that faced a deficit of some kind at one point or another in their game; 4 teams overcame double-digit deficits to ultimately win their contest.  Every one of the 6 games in which the winning team never trailed was won by the home team.

After winning a Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award 2 out of the first 3 weeks of the season, the Houston Texans found out what it feels like to be the team that gives up a relatively large lead in a losing effort.  Before the season comes to a close, we suspect there will be a few teams that end up on each side of our award one week or another.  And, for the second week in a row, it was a defensive score late in the game that helped the winning team secure our award.


SEA HOUThe Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans were touted as two of the better teams in the NFL coming into this season.  The Seahawks had, so far, lived up to their pre-season hype coming into Houston at 3 – 0, while the Texans had fought and clawed their way to a 2 – 1 record.  The two wins were both the result of come-from-behind victories which earned them a Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award, and the loss was an embarrassing defeat to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 3.  On paper, this was one of the more intriguing matchups of Week 4; on the field, it was one of the most exciting contests, although it looked like an easy victory early for the Texans.

The Seahawks looked like they were going to start this game the same way they had started their season; confident and in control.  After a Steven Hauschka 48 yard field goal on their first possession, Seattle had an early 3 – 0 lead which they would hold onto throughout the remainder of the 1st quarter.  Then, the 2nd quarter started and the Texans started to steamroll.

The Texan onslaught began on the very first play of the 2nd quarter; a Matt Schaub to Garrett Graham 31 yard touchdown pass, down the middle of the field.  Extra point, good – Houston 7, Seattle 3.  On Houston’s next possession, the touchdown pass was a 5 yarder from Schaub to Arian Foster out of the backfield.  Extra point, good – Houston 14, Seattle 3.  Houston’s next possession, which they started one play later after recovering a Marshawn Lynch fumble at the Seattle 19, resulted in a 22 yard Randy Bullock field goal – Houston 17 – Seattle 3.  And, on their next possession, another Bullock field goal, this one from 42 yards – Houston 20 – Seattle 3.  Luckily for Seattle, the gun fired ending the first half and killing the Houston momentum.

The Seattle comeback didn’t get started until late in the 3rd quarter when they pounced on a Houston fumble at the Texan’s 21 yard line.  Although the Seahawks failed to advance the ball and had to settle for a 39 yard Steven Hauschka field goal, the tide was turning and the comeback journey underway.

Seattle started the 4th quarter with the ball on their own 1 yard line.  Fourteen plays later, Marshawn Lynch ran the ball across the Texan’s goal line from 3 yards out and the Seahawks were back to within a touchdown of tying up the game.

It looked like the Seattle comeback might come up short when Russell Wilson’s pass was intercepted at the Houston 43 yard line with just over 5 minutes left in the game, but, for the second week in a row, a defensive score would help the comeback for our award winning team.  On this occasion it was a Richard Sherman interception and 58 yard touchdown return that knotted up the game at 20 – 20 late in the 4th quarter.

Seattle had battled back from a 17 point deficit and was sending the game into overtime.

Houston got the ball first in overtime, but failed to score.  Seattle did nothing with their first overtime possession and punted the ball back to the Texans.  With the defenses buckling down, Houston had to punt the ball back to Seattle with over half of the OT period in the books.

On Seattle’s second possession of OT, aided by a Houston unnecessary roughness penalty, the Seahawks moved the ball close enough for a Steven Hauschka 45 yard field goal attempt.  The ball is up … and good!  The Seahawks put the cap on their comeback; stay undefeated at 4 – 0; and, won the Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award for Week 4.  Oh, how exciting!


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Buffalo coming from 8 behind to beat Carolina 24 – 23

Houston coming from 8 behind to beat Tennessee 30 – 24

Arizona coming from 8 behind to beat Detroit 25 -21


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Week 2 – Pro Football Crisis Management Award

Football teams put a lot of time and effort into preparing for game day.  It all starts before the first practice when coaches put together the team playbook – often a compilation of years and years of experience.  Then, the players work all year long on conditioning and preparing themselves for the season.  The first practices focus on the fundamentals of the game – blocking and tackling and walking through the basic plays.  And then they teams practice and practice and practice, leading up to scrimmages that simulate game conditions.  They watch film, go over situational plays and do everything they possibly can to prepare for the upcoming game.

Businesses should be doing the same things with their emergency response and crisis management programs.  But, too often, they skip over steps in the process.  Many businesses have prepared their business continuity playbook, but they fail to practice and scrimmage to learn the plays.  If the first time football players studied the playbook was when the game was already underway, they couldn’t possibly be prepared.  Other businesses go right to the scrimmage and do simulated disasters before they have worked on the fundamentals of blocking and tackling.  This leads to frustration and failed exercises.

In the world of crisis management, game day is the day the disaster strikes.  Like football teams, if you have not gone through the entire process of preparing your team for this event, you are less likely to be successful on game day.  Safe Harbor Consulting can help your organization in any or all of these phases of the preparation lifecycle.

End commercial – now let’s look at Week 2 of the NFL.


The first two weeks of the 2013/14 NFL season has resulted in a relatively large number of one score – even, one point – games.  Many of the games have gone down to the wire with both teams having an opportunity to pull out the win in the end.  In Week 2, this resulted in very few teams having large leads.  The lead, in many games, went back and forth throughout the contest – making for exciting football all around, but very few large deficits to overcome.

In Week 2, 11 of the winning teams trailed at one point in the game, but no winning team ever trailed by any more than 8 points.  Of the 5 teams that never trailed in the game, all five were home teams.  Dallas, the only team to never trail in week 1, lost to Kansas City in week 2, meaning every team in the NFL has been on the wrong side of the scoreboard at one time or another this season – and we are only two weeks into it.

Week 1 saw 5 teams overcome deficits of 9 points or more.  In Week 2 – there were none.  So, the Week 2 Safe Harbor Consulting Crisis Management Football Award is to be shared by the 3 teams that trailed by 8 points in their game before pulling out a victory.  Those teams are; Buffalo, Houston and Arizona.


CAR BUFAlthough Buffalo was the first team to score, on a Dan Carpenter 55 yard field goal in the 2nd quarter, the Bills were struggling to stay in this game throughout.  Carolina lead the contest 7 – 3 at halftime and took their 8 point lead, 14 – 6, at the 6:52 mark in the 3rd quarter following a 40 yard touchdown pass from Cam Newton to Ted Ginn.  Eight points, however, is still just a one score lead and the Bills knotted up the score at 14 when they were successful on the 2 point conversion following a Fred Jackson 4 yard touchdown run later in the 3rd quarter.

In the 4th quarter, Carolina would convert on 3 field goals to Buffalo’s one and would have the lead at 23 -17, kicking off with just 1:38 left in the game.

In their no huddle, hurry up, two-minute offense, passing on every play, Buffalo marched the ball down field.  Aided by a pass interference penalty negating a Colin Jones Interception, and following an EJ Manual scramble for 9 yards on 3rd and 6, Buffalo scored the game-tying touchdown on a two yard pass from Manual to Stevie Johnson with just two seconds left on the clock.  The extra point sealed the comeback and last second victory for the Bills.  Not a huge come-from-behind win, but a spectacular last second finish to an exciting game.



As the Week 1 winner of the Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award, Houston is making a habit at winning games in which they trailed.  Last week, the Texans had to overcome a 21 point deficit for their victory over the San Diego Chargers; this week their comeback was from a pedestrian 8 points.

Houston took an early lead, scoring on the first possession of the game aided by a 60 yard Ben Tate gallop around left end and culminating with a Matt Schaub to Garrett Graham 1 yard touchdown pass.

Not to be outdone, Tennessee struck right back on their first possession ending it with a Jake Locker to Kendall Wright 6 yard touchdown pass.

After such an exciting start to the game, both teams’ offenses stalled the remainder of the 1st half until Tennessee connected on a Rob Bironas 47 yard field goal at the end of the half for a 10 – 7 lead.

Houston would take the lead back in the 3rd quarter on a Schaub to Owen Daniels, 12 yard touchdown pass.

As the 4th quarter started, Houston challenged a ruling on the spot of the ball following a Tennessee rushing attempt from their own 1 yard line and the ruling was reversed resulting in a Tennessee safety and a 16 – 10 lead for the Texans.

When the Titans next got the ball back, they went on a 9 play, 94 yard drive, scoring a touchdown on a Locker to Delanie Walker 10 yard pass.  The extra point put the Titans up by 1 at 17 – 16.

When, on their next possession, Matt Schaub was intercepted by Alterraun Verner who returned it for a 23 yard touchdown, Houston found itself trailing by 8 points with just under 5 minutes left in the game.  But, as noted before, 8 points is just a one score deficit.

A couple of possessions later Houston scored on an Arian Foster 1 yard plunge and lined up for the possible, game-tying two point conversion.  Handing the ball off to Foster once again, the Texans were successful on the attempt and the score was tied at 24 with 1:53 left in regulation.

After holding the Titans to a three and out, the Texans got the ball back with 57 ticks left on the clock and moved to within field goal range.  The 46 yard Randy Bullock field goal attempt bounced off of the left upright and the teams were headed to overtime.

Houston received the overtime kickoff and marched down field to a game winning 3 yard Schaub to DeAndre Hopkins touchdown pass to secure their second in a row, Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award.



After feeling each other out in the first quarter, Arizona was the first team to put points on the scoreboard with a 47 yard field goal by Jay Feely early in the 2nd quarter.

That lead, however, was short lived as Detroit came right back with a quick strike, 72 yard touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford to Calvin Johnson on the pursuing possession.

The Cardinals would then take the lead right back on their own, long touchdown pass of 36 yards from Carson Palmer to Andre Ellington.

The see-saw scoring would continue on Detroit’s next possession, but this time it was the result of a sustained drive ending with another Palmer to Johnson touchdown strike from 3 yards out.

The two teams then got off the see-saw and entered halftime with Detroit leading 14 – 10.

Early in the 3rd quarter, Detroit gave Arizona a gift when Stafford fumbled and Arizona’s Calais Campbell recovered at the Detroit 7 yard line.  Arizona could not punch the ball in, however, and had to settle for a Jay Feely 23 yard field goal.

On Arizona’s next possession, they returned the favor and gave Detroit a gift of their own – this one an interception by DeAndre Levy returned for a 66 yard touchdown and an 8 point Lion’s lead at 21 – 13.

Arizona started whittling away at that lead with a 43 yard Jay Feely field goal followed by a 33 yarder early in the 4th quarter to bring the Cardinals to within 2 at 21 – 19.

The Cardinals blocked a Detroit field goal attempt to stay within 2 and then scored on a 1 yard Rashard Mendenhall run to take the lead at the two minute warning mark.

Detroit failed to mount a drive on their last possession, throwing an incomplete pass on 4th and 4 and the Cardinal had secured the victory, coming back from 8 points down, to share the Week 2 Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award.


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Week 1 – Winner

Houston coming from 21 behind to beat San Diego 31 -28.  (To read the Week 1 article, click here.)