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Happy Mother’s Day from Safe Harbor Consulting

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday and we would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms that might be reading our blog page – but, hopefully, not on Sunday.

When you stop and think about it, business continuity planners and emergency management professionals could probably learn a lot about our trade from Moms.

The first effective Call Trees were probably implemented by Moms looking for that hard to find child who didn’t make it home on time for dinner.  The missing-child’s Mom would call neighbor Moms, who would call other Mom’s, who would call other Mom’s, until someone finally hit on the location of that lost-track-of-time child and report back to the initial Mom.

And what Mother’s purse does not show signs of being a fully equipped Emergency Go Kit?

Mom’s always know the important phone numbers to call and always seem to know just where to post this information so it is easily found when needed.

If you ever want to know what the “mission critical” items are for a safe and prosperous vacation, just look into the Mom’s suitcases – all the critical and essential “business processes” are neatly packed and readily available.

And, should a crisis erupt, who better than Mom to take charge, rally the troops, stymie the panic and find the mops to start cleaning up the mess?

From kissing booboos to easing broken hearts, Mom is the quintessential emergency manager and crisis counselor.

So, thanks Moms.  Not only have you helped us along the way in life, but you have prepared us for this odd profession we find ourselves in today.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day.