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Week 7 – Pro Football Crisis Management Award Winner

For the second week in a row, the NFL gave us only one game in which the winning team trailed by more than 1 touchdown before pulling out the victory.  We knew when we set up the parameters for this promotion that, with as few as 14 games and at most 16 games each week, there was a good chance that not every week would have a remarkable comeback to write about.  But, we were willing to take the chance – knowing the risk.  After Week 1, we thought our fears might be unnecessary – 15 of the 16 games were won by teams that trailed at one point or another and one team overcame a 21 point deficit before finally winning the game.  Week 1 was a big teaser!

After Week 2, we thought we might be in for a long season when no team came back from more than 8 points down and there was a three-way tie for best comeback at those 8 points.  Luckily for us, Week 2 was an anomaly, as well.

But, we knew the risks and we were prepared to address the consequences.  Businesses are not always aware of the risks that could interrupt their business flows.  Although business continuity plans focus on contingencies for what you do after a disaster has occurred, the business continuity process should also include a Risks/Threats analysis to identify what could go wrong and help you prepare, ahead of time, for the consequences should they go wrong.  Safe Harbor Consulting can help your company conduct a Risk Analysis so that you are prepared for a week with no come-from-behind-victories, so to speak.

But, now, Week 7 in the NFL.


Although 8 of the 15 games played in Week 7 were won by a margin of less than 1 score, only 6 games were won by teams that trailed at one point or another in the game.  There were 3 games in which the winning team won by one score or less, yet never trailed at any point in the game.

Of the 6 games in which the winning team came from behind, only one of those games was won easily; on Monday Night, the New York Giants trailed the Minnesota Vikings 7 – 3 early in the game, but ended up winning by a comfortable margin of 24 – 7.  In the other 5 come-from-behind games, the contest went down to the wire in a close affair.  In only one of those games, our Week 8 Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award winning game, did the winning team ever trail by more than 7.

Of the 9 games in which the winning team never trailed in the game, 5 of them were won by the visiting team.  Five of the 6 games in which the winning team trailed at one time were won by the home team.  One of those games was won in overtime with the aid of a new rule helping out the winning team – and that is our winner for the week, which you can read about below.


NE NYJJust 7 weeks into the NFL campaign and the New England Patriots were coming into New York (or, more accurately, New Jersey) looking to take firm control of the AFC East Division.  A win would give the Patriots a 6 – 1 record and make the Jets 3 – 4.  With the 3 – 2 Dolphins and 2 – 4 Bills battling it out in Miami, the Patriots were in position to take a commanding division lead.  Meanwhile, the Jets were struggling with finding their identity.  Alternating between good performances and bad performances, the Jets had so far won one, lost one, won one, lost one, won one and lost one.  If this pattern was to continue, the Jets would have to have their best game of the year so far and, perhaps, benefit from a new rule in the NFL.

The Jets started off the game in great fashion, following the opening kickoff touchback with a 12 play, 80 yard touchdown drive ending on a Geno Smith to Jeremy Kerley touchdown pass.  But, New England answered with a 10 play 80 yard drive of their own culminating with a Brandon Bolden 1 yard touchdown plunge to tie the score at 7 – 7.  And, just as the Jets looked to be answering right back with their second long drive in two possessions, Geno Smith’s pass was picked off by Logan Ryan at the New England 21 and returned 79 yards  for a go ahead, Patriot touchdown.

The Jets, once again showed they could move the ball against the New England defense, but, this time, they had to settle for a 37 yard Nick Folk field goal to make the score New England 14,  Jets 10.  After forcing the Patriots to punt, the Jets had their first three and out of the game and punted back to New England which Julian Edelman returned 38 yards to the Jet’s 28.  Six plays later Stevan Ridley ran around right end for a 17 yard New England touchdown and a 21 – 10 Patriot lead.

The defenses for both teams then finally decided to play some football and the teams, after exchanging a few punts each, went into half-time with the Jets down by 11.

The Patriots started the 3rd quarter with an 11 point lead and the ball.  On the first play from scrimmage, Tom Brady dropped back to pass and New England barely avoided disaster when he was sacked and fumbled the ball – but, New England recovered.  On the second play from scrimmage, the disaster was not avoided as Tom Brady’s pass attempt was picked off by Antonio Allen and returned 23 yards for a Jets’ touchdown.

Perhaps, somewhat shell shocked, the Patriots failed to move the ball during their next two possessions.  After the second punt, New York was set up at their own 48 yard line, down by only 4.  The Jets covered those 52 yards in 8 plays scoring on a Geno Smith 8 yard scramble into the end-zone to take the lead 24 – 21.  After yet another New England 3 and out, the Jets tacked on a 37 yard Nick Folk field goal to make the score 27 – 21 as the game went into the 4th quarter.

Although Tom Brady was back to looking more like Tom Brady in the 4th quarter, the best New England could do was to kick two Stephen Gostkowski field goals  – one of 39 yards and one of 44 yards – while holding New York scoreless and forcing overtime.

New England won the overtime coin toss but was unable to move the ball past their own 38 yard line and had to punt the ball to New York.  The Jets, taking over on their own 20 yard line, moved down field close enough to attempt a 56 yard field goal that, if missed, would leave the Patriots with great field position.  And, Nick Folk did miss – but, wait … there is a yellow hanky on the field.  New England was penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct for pushing a teammate forward during the field goal attempt … what?  Three plays later, Folk connected on a 42 yard field goal and the football world was now well aware of this new rule that helped the Jets keep the Patriots within reach in the AFC East and win the Week 7 Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award.


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