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Office of Disaster Assistance

Here is one more number to include in your Business Continuity, Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery directory: (202) 205-6734.  This is the number for the Office of Disaster Assistance under the US Small Business Association (SBA).  And, despite being administered by the SBA it is available for “businesses of all sizes” according to the Mission Statement included on its website.

If you are not aware of this organization and the things they can do, I urge you to go visit their website.  Check out the page of Current Disaster Declarations to review the events that they provide assistance for.  You might also find some ideas where they could add value to your program by going to their Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Assistance page.

I know many organizations have well developed plans to mitigate losses from disasters; many of you have insurance policies which include loss of business clauses; and, many larger companies have self-insurance reserves to cover losses that may stem from a disaster – but, there still might be circumstances where the Office of Disaster Assistance could be of value.  Anyway, what does it hurt to check them out?

After all, it’s just one more number to add to your directory of resources that could provide assistance; you don’t have to commit to calling it if you don’t need them.