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Red Cross’ Ready Rating Program

The Red Cross has a neat little web site called the Red Cross Ready Rating Program which helps businesses and schools become better prepared to respond to emergencies.  It is a self guided tool that helps you assess your response posture and provides tips and tools for improving your level of readiness.

Safe Harbor Consulting, of course, wants to assist organizations of all sizes implement, document, maintain and exercise their programs, but a self help tool such as this could be very valuable in starting (and completing, in some cases) the process in smaller organizations or even allow larger organizations to get a better handle of where, exactly, they could use some consulting assistance.

In any case, it might be worth your time to invest a couple of hours in looking at this tool.  It might even give you some ideas on what to do to prepare yourself and your family, a small organization in and of itself, to prepare for disasters.

Good luck.  And, enjoy a disaster-free weekend.