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A Different Kind of Disaster

Today I am off to deal with a different kind of disaster – my golf game!

Actually, with great relief to myself and the houses bordering the golf course, I am working the golf event today and leaving my clubs behind.  Today is Golferittaville – one of the big fund raising events for the Gig Harbor Midday Rotary Club.

We have a full field this year and sponsors from all over.  The team organizing this event did a fantastic job of putting it together, including ensuring we have beautiful Pacific Northwest weather to rule the day – sunny and 70 degrees!.  My apologies to those of you in the rest of the country immersed in this horrific heat wave.

The monies raised from this one event provide almost 50% of the budget we need to support the many charitable causes and scholarship funds we sponsor in the area.

Our other big fund raising event, Harbor Hounds, is on September 17.

My thanks to all of you in the area that are participating in this fun and worthwhile event and I look forward to seeing you out on the course where I will be acting as your Golferittaville cabana boy and judging the golf cart decoration contest.

I hope all of you enjoy your Friday and have a terrific weekend ahead.