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Week 9 – Pro Football Crisis Management Award Winner

Last week, I wrote about the potential of football teams (and businesses) having to have succession plans for replacing their head coaches due to illness or other reasons.  Lo and behold, just days after posting that blog article, Denver’s Head Coach, John Fox was hospitalized due to a heart condition while playing golf on their off week and Houston’s Head Coach, Gary Kubiak required sideline medical assistance for what is now being called a mild stroke at halftime during the Sunday Night nationally televised game.  Both teams are currently being led by an interim head coach.  Now, I am not saying I prophesied these events, but the timing was rather eerie, don’t you agree?  My wife says I was the cause of their suffering.

Maybe, with such power, I should predict that someone will post a comment on one of my blog articles – now, if that would only come true, I think I would faint!


For the second week in row, a full 6 NFL teams had the week off, enjoying a mid-season bye.  Of the 13 games played this week, 9 of them were won by teams that trailed at one point or another in the game.  Of the four games in which the winner never trailed, 3 were won by the home team.  Also, of those 4 games, 3 were won by 14 or more points.  The Cleveland Browns were the only team to win by less than one score, without ever trailing in the game.

Of the 9 come-from-behind games, 8 of them were won by 7 points or less.  The Buffalo Bills were the only team to overcome a deficit to win by more than one score.  Five of the come-from-behind victories were achieved by the home team and 4 by the visiting team.

Two teams overcame deficits of 18 points or more to, amazingly, secure their victories – and, both games ended in an identical 27 – 24 score.  The Indianapolis Colts overcame an 18 point deficit to defeat the Houston Texans in the game the included that scary incident with Houston’s Head Coach on the sideline (talked about in the opening paragraph) and the Seattle Seahawks overcame a 21 point deficit to keep the Tampa Bay Buccaneers searching for their first win of the season.  Seattle’s amazing 21 point come-from-behind victory earns them the Week 9 Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award and makes them our 3rd two-time recipient of this award.


TB SEAIt was Week 9 in the NFL and Tampa Bay was still looking for their first win of the season.  Going 3,000+ miles across the country to play the NFC West leading Seattle Seahawks didn’t seem like a likely scenario to achieve this end.  But, on any given Sunday, right?

Well, the Buccaneers did win something … they won the coin toss and deferred their choice to the second half.  Seattle promptly took the opening kick-off and proceeded to march down field, just as scripted.  But, when the Buccaneers intercepted a Russell Wilson pass at the Tampa Bay 11 yard line, you got the sense that this game might not be that easy for the home-standing Seahawks.

Neither team could get anything else going in the 1st quarter, but the Buccaneers started the 2nd quarter in the middle of an impressive drive, which they concluded with a 12 yard touchdown pass from Mike Glennon to Tim Wright.

Tampa Bay then showed that they were willing to do anything to secure their first victory and recovered an on-sides kickoff attempt.  Luckily for the Seahawks, there was a yellow flag on the field indicating Tampa Bay was off-sides and the Buccaneers had to re-kick, which they did the conventional way.

After Tampa Bay prevented the Seahawks from moving the ball, the Buccaneers went on another touchdown drive, culminating with a 20 yard Glennon pass to Tiquan Underwood, giving Tampa Bay a 14 – 0 lead.  This time, the following kickoff was fumbled by Jermaine Kearse and recovered by Tampa Bay’s Michael Koenen at the Seattle 31.  Glennon connected with Wright on a 27 yard pass and the ball was moved 2 yards closer to the goal line on an unnecessary roughness penalty by the Seahawks.  Once again, the Buccaneers showed that they were willing to pull out all stops and ran a rather unusual half-back dive, jump pass for a 2 yard touchdown from Mike James to Tim Crabtree and the usually loud Seattle crowd was stunned to see the scoreboard showing Tampa Bay 21, Seattle 0.  On any given Sunday, right?

Now, I realize this is not the College Football blog, but, to quote Lee Corso, “Not so fast”.

Seattle was happy to settle for a touchback on this kickoff and with just 2:16 left in the half, aided by a long pass interference penalty, the Seahawks moved the ball 80 yards on 4 plays ending in a Wilson to Kearse 16 yard touchdown pass to make the score somewhat respectable at half – Tampa Bay 21, Seattle 7.

Tampa Bay drove the ball down field on their first, second half possession, close enough for a Rian Lindell 33 yard field goal to extend their lead to 24 – 7.  But, Seattle answered with their second long drive of the day and a Wilson touchdown end-around run to bring the Seahawks to within 10 points.

Now, the Seattle crowd was finding its voice again.

After stymying the Tampa Bay offense, Golden Tate returned a Buccaneer punt for 71 yards to the Tampa Bay 25 yard line.  And, two plays into the 4th quarter, Steve Haushcka kicked a 36 yard field goal to put Seattle within a touchdown of the struggling Buccaneers at 24 – 17.

On Seattle’s next possession, it looked like they were going to tie things up, but when Tampa Bay’s Keith Tandy intercepted Wilson’s pass attempt from just 3 yards out, you thought maybe, just maybe, this might be Tampa Bay’s any given Sunday.  But, Seattle had time for one more drive.

Seattle took possession of the ball again with just over 6:00 left in the game and drove down field for the game-tying touchdown on a Wilson to Doug Baldwin 10 yard pass.  When Tampa Bay failed to score on their last possession, the now louder than ever Seattle crowd was ready for overtime.

Tampa Bay won again … the coin toss, that is … and started the overtime period on offense.  But after a quick 3 and out, including a 3rd down sack back at the Tampa Bay 16 yard line, Seattle’s offense was in possession of the ball at their own 40.  After moving the ball down field to the Tampa Bay 9, Seattle lined up for the game winning field goal on 2nd down.  The Hauschka kick was true and the Buccaneers would have to wait for some other any given Sunday to get their first win in 2013.

With the amazing 21 point come-from-behind victory, the Seattle Seahawks win their 2nd Safe Harbor Consulting Pro Football Crisis Management Award.  Congratulations.


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